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How Important Is Pricing?

A. No Showings, No Offers!
The Realtors and the potential purchasers are not even interested because they can buy so much more for the dollar elsewhere!

B. Either 10-12 showings and no offers, or just a few showings, slowed down traffic since the first few weeks when the listing hit the computers, or on the market for 4-6 weeks and no offers! The potential purchasers feel that they can still get more home for the dollar. They’re looking for the “bargain” and we’re not it based on current market conditions.

C. Showings, second showings and offers in the first 4-6 weeks! Congratulations. We are at the excitement level, not at the giveaway level for the current market! When we are at this level, we should be able to hold within just a few percent from where the home is currently listed. The potential purchasers obviously feel that your home is one of the nicest on the market, at this time.

Remember that the current market conditions—and being the biggest and the best for the least dollar—create value! Value does not equal what Aunt Harriet and Uncle George feel you should get, what your past builder or neighbors feel you should get, what you should have invested in your home, or what you paid for it, unfortunately, none of these factors create value!

We are on your team, but we do not have the power to change the market!