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Showing Your Home

When your home is being shown, following these simple steps can help make a positive experience for a potential homebuyer.

Keep You Home Looking Like a Showroom
When you leave the house in the morning or during the day, leave it as if you know it is going to be shown. Pick up any items not in their proper place. Straighten countertops and make beds.

Create an Ambiance
Make your home feel inviting and cozy. You want the potential homebuyer to see themselves living here. Keep fresh flower arrangements in the home or light a fire in the fireplace. Light candles or simmering pots to give off a good aroma. Turn off the television but turn on light music. Turn on all the lights and open all window treatments to make the home bright and cheery. Think what would be inviting to a potential homebuyer.

Prepare for the Potential Homebuyer
Set out any brochures or property information that you may have. If the potential homebuyer is interested in making an offer on your home, we want them to have all the information they need to write up an offer on the spot. Also, post any notes on doors with pertinent information such as “DO NOT OPEN” or “CLOSE WHEN DONE”.

Arrange for Pets
Keep pets out of the way, preferably out of the house. Many people are uncomfortable around animals and may even be allergic to them. If you keep them in the house, use a kennel box or put them in a room with a note on the door saying “DO NOT OPEN– PET INSIDE” or “FRIENDLY DOG-OK TO LET OUT”.

Leave the Premises
Take a short break while your home is being shown. Potential homebuyers are intimidated when Sellers are present and tend to hurry through the house. Let the potential homebuyer be at ease while the showing agent is doing their job.