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The Selling Process

We approach the selling of your property as a TEAM effort. Our mission is to sell your property for the highest price in the least amount of time with the fewest number of problems.

Suggestions for Selling your Home

In order to compete effectively with other sellers, homeowners must present their homes in an attractive and desirable condition. REMEMBER… YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION.

  • Obtain a pre-sale home inspection. This will eliminate any problems when a contract is submitted. Make sure that all items on the home inspection are corrected.
  • Homebuyers look at the way a house is kept. In addition to all rooms in your home, also clean windows, flooring, light fixtures, etc.
  • Paint and touch-up. Your home will show best with a fresh coat of paint, clean carpet, and a pleasant aroma. If you choose to repaint or replace carpet, think neutral. Stay away from bold colors.
  • Replace or repair things that have minor problems such as dripping faucets, loose knobs, sticky doors, faulty plumbing, broken cabinet doors, cracks in the walls, etc. If something needs repaired, fix it.
  • Create an illusion of more space by rearranging or removing furniture, collectibles, clutter, off season clothing, etc. Clean out all closets, attic areas and storage space to create a neat and organized appearance. If necessary, rent a storage space.
  • Keep the kitchen and dining areas neat and clean. Make sure all appliances are spotless and in working order. Keep kitchen countertops free of clutter.